What to Know About Moles, Skin tags and Warts

What to Know About Moles, Skin tags and Warts

  • Monday, 25 February 2019
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It is common to sometimes see growths on your skin called moles and skin tags. The average person can have as many as 20 moles all around their skin. Most times, moles do not harm you or give you any reason to worried. However, if it bothers you, you can decide to remove it safely. Moles can sometimes affect a person’s appearance or becoming a source of irritation which makes the decision to remove them even more convincing. If you must remove your moles, then you must do it safely. Medically, a mole is only a problem if you notice that it shows some changes in its size, color or shape. Such changes sometimes indicate the presence of cancer and so must be safe.


What is a mole?


Moles can potentially be the most dangerous of all skin issues because they take a long time to grow and form very slowly. If a mole is as a result of cancer, then it would start to show changes in its physical characteristics. It could also begin to hurt or itch. Mole bumps look like warts, but you can tell the difference by checking for pigment and hair. Moles have the two properties which will help you to know the difference. The pigment is also why moles can sometimes become cancerous and then removing them with a mole removal pen is pointless. If you notice that you easily form moles, you should stay away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods.


What is a skin tag?


When you see a small flap of skin form because of friction, you have what is called a skin tag. It is sometimes caused by rubbing a piece of cloth against the skin, sometimes skin to skin contact in areas like the underarm. Skin tags first manifest as a little bump on the skin. Once the friction increases and the skin tag starts to reveal, the ball of skin cells begins to pull further until you have a ball of flesh hanging from a thin pedestal. Warts are flat while skin tags dangle from the skin surface. Skin tags can irritate you because they can get caught in clothes and hurt you. You can either visit a dermatologist to remove skin tags for you or visit to buy a skin tag removal pen which will help you to achieve the perfect beauty look that you want. Skin tag removal pens also do no cause any bleeding and so are more convenient, and you can use them at home.


Should you try to remove Skin Tags and Moles at home?


You can be tempted to try to remove these skin growths at home, but you are better off going to see a dermatologist.  Removing a skin tag or wart yourself can cause skin infections, bleeding and irritations if not done well. Either you let a dermatologist take care of it for you or buy a mole removal pen or a skin tag removal pen to remove these problem spots on your skin quickly and without issues.Visit our store:

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