• Bought this about 2 weeks ago mainly to remove some small-medium sized skin tags on my neck, some of which have been there many many years. It works very well indeed, zapped the last 2 tags a few days ago and the first 6 or so I zapped are now totally gone, as though they were never there. I try to get the root of the tag first, which does sting a bit, then zap the rest of the tag once it's nerves are fried. That all results in a small blackish scab, which heals and falls off after 5-7 days.This evening I zapped a much larger tag on my shoulder, after having a good go at it's root the whole thing just fell off which was a bit gross. Now there's just a small scab there which I'm sure will heal like the rest. I've only used the 'standard' pointed tip, not tried the thinner needles yet, I'd guess they would be better for more precise aiming of the zaps.The built-in LED light is very handy and I am still on the charge it came with, which I topped up before use. There are 8 power levels but so far I've mainly used level 6, and 7 on the big tag.Be warned you need to get used to the smell of burning flesh when zapping!
  • I have to say that this little mole remover pen is amazing, really simple to use and reliable design, I have successfully removed one mole and a wart, saving time and money, I love it so much, so I'm ready to shoot a video to show you how it simply works, who want to get off the ugly skin tags? Definitely recommend this, check it out! X
  • I did not want to go to a dermatologist to remove my moles so I decided to buy this and try it out myself. I must admit I was afraid of using the product. So I decided to try it on a very small mole that I had on a low setting. To a surprise, it removed my mole. At first it turns red and then it goes away a few days later. Make sure you do not put the needle on your skin for too long. You may leave yourself a scar from the burning. Dabbing works best and make sure you take your time. I am not sure how it would work on a bigger mole. I will have to get used to it first and get comfortable before I work on something larger. Also, the item feels great. It does not look cheap and the quality feels good.
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